Contact Light

Contact Light: Alfonso Almendros, Paul Freeman, Barry W Hughes, Melanie King, Sophy Rickett
September – October 2014: at ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham, U.K.

Contact Light presents the work of five contemporary photographers whose work investigates the practice of astronomy, space phenomena and space exploration. Each of the artists selected for Contact Light have focused on the outer reaches of our solar system, or the desire to travel through space, and offer their subjective perspectives and concerns to this fascinating subject.

In My Father’s Wrinkles Alfonso Almendros takes a journey through his own memories of his late father, using lunar landscapes and observations. Both the moon and his father are distant beings, only made a reality through documentation and photographs proving both their existence. Paul Freeman’s work Visit Space documents the impact and reach of recent space travel tourism. Photographer Barry Hughes takes NASA’s NEOP (Near Earth Object Programme) as both his inspiration and title for his work, investigating astronomical phenomenon using earth bound physical objects. Melanie King’s First Light is a research project investigating the connections between photography and astronomy, using traditional photographic techniques to display her findings. Sophy Rickett’s work Objects in the Field was developed out of a residency at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge and the work of retired astronomer and scientist Dr Roderick Willstrop. Rickett’s work aesthetically reproduces the negatives produced by Willstop’s Three Mirror Telescope in the 80s and 90s.

Contact Light is curated by Michael Sargent and Claire Reece. In association with SHOW.ME.PICTURES and Hemera collective; Fangfei Chen, Jamie Marie Davis, Ashley Lumb and Kay Watson.

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